hi, i'm ✨caro✨

the emojis are part of the name. maybe not legally, but in spirit.

you're probably here for my professional info...

or my contact info...

but these days, i'm trying to not define myself by what i make, or what people pay me for.

it's been a confusing year and, you know, there's a lot going on. not too long ago, my ambitions centered on my craft, my portfolio, the brands and companies i worked with, getting clout for "cool" and "innovative" work, being "the best," etc. etc.

now where do my ambitions lie? becoming less angry, and more patient? making people laugh? trying to fix this dang mess?

for better or worse, i still define myself by what i make. i still love to make. i just care less about the thing and more about the consequences now.


("colophon" sounded too fancy)

created nov 19, 2020. i made this site at 3am. it probably shows.

built on webflow, because tbh the main thing i care about in my personal site now is how easy it is to update and maintain. the beauty of software is that it's, well, soft — a malleable medium. i hope to change this site a lot, and soon.

to-do list: